Friday, February 27, 2009


a few days ago at work, a customer was eying the pastry case and asked me about the bearclaw. "it's good," i replied, "it's not like a real bear's claw. it's a pastry. named for it's physical similarity to the claw of a bear."
"what's in it?" she asked.
"pastry," i shrugged.
then my assistant manager intervened and listed some ingredients, "eh, almonds, marzipan." i laughed. they ignored me. he continued, "yeah, it's good. not too doughy. it's got almonds and marzipan," he reiterated. i laughed again.
i asked myself, "what is marzipan and why does it make me laugh?" so i asked my friend, The Internet, and she told me all about it. still, all i know for sure is: a)it's made from sugar and almonds; and b) people sculpt it into fruit shapes. so if you want candy, but you want it to LOOK LIKE you're eating fruit, you gotsta get you some marzipan.
can't decide where to start your quest for marzipan? why not start with these fruits from carrie, from missouri, tried them and "was just thrilled." in her review titled, "big and tasty," she listed "durable" as one of the Pros, but added, "a little sweet for my taste, as most American candy is, but hey." listen, terrorist, if you don't like sweet candy, why don't you move back to afghanistan. but hey.
or you could make your own marzipan-shaped-fruits with this 3 pound bucket of PURE MARZIPAN: latishia from florence, south carolina raves, "this is some great marzipan and showed up at my door in the expected time frame."

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