Friday, February 20, 2009

here's what i think about cinnamon toast crunch

cinnamon toast crunch is good. i never ate it as a kid. it never appealed to me. i didn't like the cartoon chef guy. he seemed like a weird ripoff of snap, crackle, & pop, the rice crispie guys. rice crispies was another cereal i wasn't crazy about as a kid. we'd always have sugary cereals. so whenever we'd have rice crispies, i'd have to add sugar to make them taste good. and i always thought it was annoying that i had to add my OWN sugar. the sugar should be included in the cereal.

anyway, in college, i lived in this house where there was almost always cinnamon toast crunch. but i'd never eat there. because i was a waiter at this sorority house and i'd always steal all my food from there. but at some point, i think my senior year, i finally tried cinnamon toast crunch and i loved it. i loved the way the cinnamon tasted with the milk.

one time, in 2007, i went to puerto rico and had some weird drink that was served to me in a coconut. i think it was just rum, coconut milk, and cinnamon. it tasted like cinnamon toast crunch with rum in it. it was delicious.

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