Friday, February 20, 2009

my stinkin' alarm clock doesn't work

my phone is always set to vibrate. always. i think all phones should always be set to vibrate. all of them. always. i think it's obnoxious when someone's stupid phone loudly plays some stupid song while they search for it in their pockets/purse.

i feel like it's pointless to own an alarm clock in this day and age when EVERYONE owns a cell phone and EVERY cell phone is an alarm clock. but i also feel like it would be obnoxious to have my phone play some stupid song every morning to wake me. so, my alarm clock is also set to vibrate. always.

but apparently the vibrator inside the crappy LG phone that they give you for free at the verizon store can only vibrate so many times.

a few days ago i was late for work. very late. i had slept through all three alarms AND like ten phone calls from a co-worker. i woke up baffled. how could this have happened?

this morning i slept through the alarm again. i decided to do an experiment. i set the alarm for one minute in the future. a minute later, no vibration. son of a betch. so i had my roommate call me. again, no vibration. sonuva beeeeetch! i checked the ringer. that works fine.

so now i guess i've gotta be one of those assholes with his ringer on. yee-haw.

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