Monday, February 23, 2009

we have to go back to the island

so i was just checking out that "laughs on appleseed" video i made and after it ended, one of the recommended videos that popped up was this song called "i don't know" by lisa hannigan and it's awesome. it's a terrific song and a really cool video. and it takes place in a pub where i think i got drunk one time.

and it reminded me that i need to get back to ireland sometime relatively soon. i get the urge, now and then, to go back. recently, i was thinking of getting in touch with some american friends of mine who were living in ireland the same time i was, and frantically warning them "we have to go back to the island," like jack from LOST. i think it would work.

anyway, check out this video for "i don't know" if you like cool irish folk music and cool videos. all of her videos are really cool actually, like this one with the coolest pop-up book ever; or this one, with banjo; or this one, which especially makes me want to go back to ireland and talk to old friendly drunk people in pubs.

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