Sunday, February 8, 2009


so in the summer2007, d-sant & p-diddle & i talked about making videos about these guys who sit on lawn chairs and talk about stuff. and the camera just shows these guys. it doesn't show they stuff they're looking at and talking about.

well, we never made those videos. so one night, we decided to shoot something like them. but we hadn't written anything. and it was cold out. so we wanted to stay inside.

anyway, my computer died after that. so. i lost the footage. but, i had the short 3-4min quicktime file of the finished product. only, it wasn't that funny. so, i edited it down some more. only, it's still not that funny. but, at least it's shorter.

anyway, i was apprehensive about putting it online. but, then i thought of writing a youtube description where i acted like the three characters were robots. only, i keep calling them "rowboats" instead of robots. the idea cracked me up. so i did it.

if you don't feel like watching the 2min video, at least read the description:
scientists experimenting with "Artificial Intelligence" successfully engineer three rowboats who can think for themselves. the scientists send a babe to walk through the rowboats' fields of vision. we observe as the rowboats describe hypothetical situations. we also hear soliloquies from each rowboat, giving us insight into rowboatic ethics. scientists hope this will help us predict what the world will be like when rowboats take over THE WORLD. docu-drama. PG-13. 2min11sec.

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