Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010: year of immense productivity

well, it's almost over. 2oo9. it was a great year. a lot of people will remember it as a lousy year. they'll talk about some "recession" or something. but, for me, it was a great year. maybe the best of all my years. that's debatable. but it was great. that's not debatable.

i like to theme all my years. last year was "2oo9: the year it all really started to happen" and i think that was pretty fitting. i've got a lot of things going on now that i'm proud of and a lot of them started in 2oo9. i feel like i've really gotten on track this past year. i hope to keep that momentum. that's why i've titled this year "2o1o: year of immense productivity." i'm going to be twice as busy this year and thrice as productive. i'm going to do SO MUCH STUFF. people will say, "jeepers, where did you find the time to do all this stuff?" and i will answer them, "2o1o. i found the time in 2o1o. that's where it was. and i found it." they will be amazed.


Dave said...

fantastic! i'm on board.

Patrick! said...

i don't have a choice but to agree with you.

my word verification is "irpla"

kind of like airplane

schoolpants said...

irpla is the swedish word for airplane.

it's also the danish word for the missionary position.