Wednesday, December 30, 2009

xmas gifts/fear factor

when my friends kienan and mamilly were on their way to visit me, they got trapped in an airport in dallas for about 6 hours. to kill the time, they got me some christmas presents. one was a clock with a cowboy on a horse in the middle of it. and below the part that tells time, there are little boots. and on top, there's this thing around it that's supposed to look like a lasso.

they also got me a sucker with a scorpion in it. kienan got one for himself too so that we could both experience them. "don't they have poison in them?" i asked about the scorpions. kienan told me that was his first question too. the lady at the airport gift shop assured him that the poison had been taken out.
so we ate those stupid things. or we started to anyway, we got down to the part where we could feel the actual scorpion. by that point, the sucker had gone from tasting kind of gross to tasting really gross. and the scorpion was just really hard and scratchy. eventually, we just gave up on them. not because we're scaredy-cats, but because eating scorpions is gross.

that's the thing that always annoyed me about shows like "fear factor." remember that show? it was this dumb show where the point was supposed to be that you were overcoming fears or something and if you won, they'd be like "fear is NOT a factor for you, buddy!" but most of the time they would just make people eat live worms or ox penises. i hated it because that's not scary. i'm not afraid of eating ox penises. i just choose not to because i'm not a gay ox. just kidding. gays don't eat penises. but you know what i mean. eating stuff you don't want to eat isn't a fear. the show should've had challenges like "tell a girl you like her" or "ask your boss for a raise" or "tell your landlady that the light in your room doesn't work and hasn't for months." THAT would be a scary show.

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