Saturday, December 5, 2009

my niece is awesome

my niece sent me this drawing. this thanksgiving drawing. it's a bunch of people standing around, smiling, with their arms outstretched (that's how we do thanksgiving in my family). somewhere in the group, a head was drawn and then crossed out, then kind of erased. now, some people might assume she started to draw another person, and then decided she was tired of drawing people. or maybe she thought, "nah, fourteen people is a good number." but no. Ally is smarter than that. she knew exactly what she was doing. the slightly erased head clearly represents my absence at this year's thanksgiving feast. she just drew everyone smiling and having fun without me to show that they don't need me to have a good time. even the sun is laughing it up. and then she had my brother mail it to me just so i'd feel like a dick.

i see the secret message, Ally, and i read it loud and clear. but just you wait for my response drawing. it's going to be this elaborate picture of us all standing around, smiling, arms outstretched, having a great time BEFORE YOU WERE BORN. because, man, that's when thanksgivings were REALLY fun.

just kidding. my niece is awesome.

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