Friday, December 25, 2009

opples and bononos

so when i was in school, i did this big project. i wrote this script and shot it and it was supposed to be funny and amazing and make all of my wildest dreams come true. and my friends patrick rule and chris desanty helped me a bunch and my friend pete even flew from cincinnati to boston to help shoot it and patrick and i wrote songs for it and basically it turned out to be sort of funny but too long and weird and dumb.

anyway, here's one scene from the movie. i think it's funny. but what do i know?

oh, i also put dogfight and hams&cheeses on youtube. i think those are funny too.


Lauren said...

i like to oot oot oot ooples and boonoonoos...weird coincidence but my sister and i were singing this song while driving christmas lie.

schoolpants said...


not really freaky. but that's a crazy coincidence. that's not a song you sing everyday. unless it is. then, it's not a crazy coincidence. it's a sane coincidence.