Wednesday, December 16, 2009

feng shui, that's why.

yesterday, i rearranged my whole bedroom. now, instead of having the bed in the corner, like a sane person, my bed is right smack in the middle of the room. why? because a feng shui website told me to put it there.

look out world! my life is going to be awesome from here on out!


Amber said...

i... hm. that's... ??


schoolpants said...

i don't understand your comment but if it was in any way dismissive, then you can go fly a kite. i love my new setup. i've slept great the last two days. i've been having the most vivid dreams.

i had one the other night where i got drunk and got two tattoos. then i was like "uh oh! i've got two tattoos!" and i was all worried my parents would be pisssed and people would think i was stupid but then i was like "you know what? i got these. they're mine. i like 'em!" and it became this thing like the part in ferris beuller's day off when cameron kicks his dad's car through the glass garage.

feng shui is making a man out of me.

i also had one where i was in ireland and i went to this pub i remembered and i was so siked to get a guinness but i only had american money. that one was less poignant.