Monday, December 7, 2009

drawing upside down

i drew this upside down. drawing things upside down makes you draw in a way that doesn't look like your normal way of drawing. i just thought of this: if you ever need to disguise your handwriting for whatever reason ... write upside down.

upside down is a weird phrase. what do they call upside down in other languages? i just tried to find information on the phrase "upside down" and the internet was NO HELP.

inside out is a similarly weird phrase.

man i'm bored.


Osiokeh said...

Its 逆様 (sakasama) in Japanese. As far as i understand it, the direct translation of these characters is "reverse lord" or "Lord of... the reverse". i didnt say it was interesting.

schoolpants said...

that's VERY cool. how do they say "inside out" in japanese? is there a word for that?

have i told you that i took japanese for a semester in college? it was cool. someday i would like to learn the rest of japanese.

Osiokeh said...

how did i get back here...?

"裏返し" (uragaeshi). like... "back returning [to front]" or something. i cant take credit for that knowledge. my dictionary said that. with confidence.

now to follow these e-crumbs to the present...