Monday, December 14, 2009

inspirational posters

i was just looking online for inspirational posters. here are my favorites:
this is the most stereotypical/most awesome motivational poster. i feel like going for it every time i look at this picture. i don't even care what "it" is. "it" could be my dinner, "it" could be watching tv, "it" could even be skiing right off of a huge cliff. i don't care. i'm going for it.
this is by far the nerdiest. only the the nerdiest of the nerds would ever fall for this poster. the "go for it" poster is cool because it tricks the wild kids into thinking they should "go for" other things. this one just appeals to nerds. and only encourages them to continue to be nerds.
this one is just so weird. like "give it your best! why? ... because ... um ... usa?"

anyway, i wasn't satisfied with what i found, so i made my own inspirational poster. check it out.


Hotelier said...

In the Gooding County social services office, there is a poster with a picture of the great wall of china, and it says "teamwork".

I think the bones of the team members on that one can still be found within the great wall's walls.

K K said...

you know what i like, the new zealand posters in flight of the concords that were in murray's office. those were great. new zealand, why not?