Thursday, December 24, 2009

silver bells? no. taco bell.

so, you know how on thanksgiving this year, i ate burger king? well, continuing in that tradition of battling holiday loneliness with fast food, i had taco bell for dinner this christmas eve. i chose to go with two cheesy gordita crunches, a medium mountain dew, and a medium glass of wine. the wine didn't come from taco bell. it came from my good friend and roommate adam shoonkoof. it was a surprise. not a christmas gift. he was pouring some for himself and his romantic guest. he and his romantic guest are in the other room right now. so i am hiding in my bedroom. blogging.

blogging is a funny thing to say. "what are you doing tonight?" "blogging." that's funny.


Osiokeh said...

in some cultures i made up, wine shared between a roommate and a romantic guest is an invitation to join them. you blew it.

...pun whatevered.

AnnaBanAnna said...

ive noticed a trend in prior post comments, so with that said:

my word verification is: audest


K K said...

ha! that first comment is the best comment i've seen on this blog. hilarious. good job osiokeh.