Thursday, December 31, 2009


so, as a joke (sort of), my brother got me a grow-a-frog for christmas. you get the kit in the mail and then send away for a tadpole and watch it grow. he got one for my younger brother about 15 years ago. it came with 2 tadpoles. it was fun for my little brother because he was like 7 at the time. the 2 tadpoles grew into 2 big fat frogs. my mom hated them. they had marbles at the bottom of their tank and apparently, one ate a marble and had a marble-sized protrusion in his lower intestine for the rest of his life. as child-scientists, we hypothesized that it would either a)poop out the marble; or b)never poop again and grow too big to fit in the tank. the frog stunned the science world by doing nothing at all.

anyway, years later, my little brother got sick of the frogs and gave them to my aunt who is an elementary school science teacher. and i guess one of the frogs is still alive to this day. so this is a christmas gift that keeps on giving. for FIFTEEN years.

want to learn more about grow-a-frog?
they have see-thru skin! so you can see how frogs work ON THE INSIDE. also, these aren't frogs made by god. they are only made by frog scientists. that's how they are GUARANTEED to GROW!

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