Wednesday, April 14, 2010

hill street blows

due to a series of unfortunate events, i had to go to court today. and that court just happened to be located on hill street. that pumped me up. even though i don't think i've ever seen the show "hill street blues" and even though i later found out that "hill street blues" doesn't take place on hill street in los angeles. it's just in a made up town. like "Metropolis," or "Detroit."

anyway, i went to court because i'm a criminal. i'm a loner, a rebel. i just don't play by society's rules. but i got there and waited in line for a long time just to go through the metal detector. then i waited in line for a long time to talk to a guy in a window. and all he told me is that i had to go back in july to REALLY go to court.

i better hurry up on my neck brace and briefcase.

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