Friday, April 9, 2010

tennis outfit

so i was home last week and when i left, i was flying out of the indianapolis airport just after the final four basketball tournament ended. the tournament took place in indianapolis, so at the airport, there were all sorts of crazy merchants selling shirts and junk with college names on them for 10% off or whatever. i was buying a bottle of water when i heard a middle-aged man call to his wife, "Hey Chris, how 'bout this one?" He was holding a hat that said "NCAA Final Four." Chris protested, "But it's black," to which the man replied, "yeah, but it'll go with my tennis outfit."

i laughed out loud. the best part is that they were dead serious. that was a totally normal conversation in their world. i made myself a promise right then and there. i promised that no matter what, whether i ever married or picked up tennis, i WILL someday casually mention in public which souvenir hats go with my tennis outfit, in hopes that some young joker nearby gets a kick out of it.

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