Tuesday, April 27, 2010

i been sick, yo!

i've been deathly ill the last few days. well, maybe not deathly ill, but uncomfortably ill. as you can see in the attached foto, i've been barfing quite a bit. well, i haven't actually barfed at all. but i've been coughing up phlegm. that's sort of like barfing. i mean, it's not. i'm not regurgitating food. but still. stuff that's in my body is coming up my throat and out my mouth-hole. so, it's like barfing.

look, it still counts as being sick! you don't have to barf to be sick! my head hurts and i can't breathe out my nose and i cough up stuff! i don't know where it comes from. my lungs? maybe. how does it get in there? maybe it is from my stomach. maybe i am barfing. how the hell should i know? i'm sick! just feel bad for me, okay!


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THANK YOU, geez. was that so hard?