Wednesday, April 7, 2010

matt's burpday

today is my brother's birthday. today, he turns older than me. every year, he turns older than me. it's been like this since we were kids. but i guess you'll have that sort of one-upmanship in a house with four boys. i guess it all started when he was born before me. from that day on, i was always struggling to keep up, wearing the same t-shirts, eating the same breakfast cereals, even sporting the same hairdos, like this one seen below (i'm the white kid in the front):

my brother joe and i had to have the "spike" hairdo, just like matt, so that matt knew we were on the level. i think we failed to impress him. but at least we got a cool hairdo out of it. maybe it wasn't that cool. i think, in our minds, it was supposed to come out like the hairdo of one of favorite basketball men, Scott Pippens:
but we failed at that too. someday, somehow, we'll have Scott Pippens-style flat tops. and maybe then we'll earn matt's respect.

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