Tuesday, April 27, 2010

thoughts on being sick

as you may or may not know, i have been sick. but here's the thing: i'm a real tough-guy so i've still been going about my daily business. i've just been coughing and hacking along the way. which made me wonder about respectable folk. here's what i wonder: we all get sick. we all cough and hack up nasty stuff from time to time. it's part of being human. i, myself, have no self respect. so i go to work and to the beach and to comedy shows and stuff and just cough and cough and gross people out. because, who gives a shit, right? i'm not trying to impress anybody. but then, there ARE people in society who leave the home with an intent to impress people. what do they do when they get the ol' hackin' cough syndrome? stay home? what a bunch of nerds.

or maybe they do things like "jog" and "eat vegetables" and "drink water" so that they never get sick.

either way you slice it, i'm cooler than they are. and you should see the stuff i'm coughing up. it's pretty cool too.

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