Friday, April 30, 2010

try explaining wind

i think it would be funny if there were an alien planet that was exactly the same as our planet except they didn't have wind there. and so this alien comes to visit and you're hanging out with him and it starts to get a little breezy and he fa-reaks out. he's like "whoa! what the??? what's going on!?" and you're like, "what? what are you talking about man?" and he's all, "the air ... it's like MOVING or something!" and you're like, "yeah dude, it's just a little wind. chill out." and he's all, "what the heck is wind?" and you just roll your eyes and say, "oh boy" and then the quantum leap theme music starts playing.

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Osiokeh said...

yeah, just about anything could happen on this crazy planet of ours, and we'd just explain it away with science. earthquakes, lava, fruit, condensation. i recently heard about non-aqueous rain. a phenomenon where it literally rains things like fish. but rather than tear off their eyelids and ask God why this is happening, scientists say its caused by strong winds pulling fish into the air after massive storms. hogwash! anything other than sunshine should be taken as proof of the end of days.