Monday, April 12, 2010

what ever happened to neck braces?!

remember back in the 90s, you'd always see people wearing those foam neck braces? what the hell ever happened to those? they are awesome.

and briefcases! do people carry briefcases to work anymore? what the hell is going on in the world?

i have a birthday coming up, in four months or so. if you're looking for any last minute gift ideas, here are the only two things in the world that i want: 1)foam neck brace; 2)old boxy briefcase.

i promise to wear the neck brace and carry the briefcase whenever i'm in public. i'll even sport a mustache and a three piece suit. when people ask where i'm headed, i'll say "court." and they'll say "you suing someone?" and i'll say, "no. basketball game."

check out this broad. what's her problem? she has two of my most wanted accessories. cheer up:


Lauren Connolly said...

date: April 15, 2010.
time: approx 8:15pm.
location: corner of lasalle and division - chicago.
direction: south.
wearing: t-shirt, jeans, neck brace, scowl.

schoolpants said...

that is awesome! if you're wearing the neck brace without a three-piece suit and briefcase, you BETTER be wearing a scowl.