Friday, April 9, 2010

my sense of humor

i think, from now on, when describing my sense of humor, i am just going to reference this video. my friend Parsnip Rule showed it to me and i've watched it several times since. it is so perfect. everything about it is so weird and hilarious.

it starts with some awesome inspirational/generic music and some text that's in the type of font you see on motivational posters. the text reads "this is the story of amy and her friend who go out to get frozen yogurt for her grandma." i love awkwardly worded phrases. if it were my video, i probably would've tried to go more awkward and thrown in a few typos. but amy's better than that. she knows a little subtlety goes a long way. but the best part is: the rest of the video IS NOT a story about two ladies getting yogurt for grandma. that's not what it's about at all.

what follows is two women wearing almost matching shirts, trying not to laugh. an old woman opens a door and babbles about how "we're just goin' ... nuts in here." more awkward lines. more funny text. then my favorite part, the conversation. the two women have written out a boring conversation and they read their lines to each other from sheets of paper in their laps. but again: subtlety. you only catch them looking down once. another subtle move: they both hold spoons of yogurt. they don't eat the yogurt.

then, of course, come the snazzy effects and las vegas footage. the cheesiness has gone up a notch and the subtlety down a notch, but they've earned it.

and there you have it. a perfect video. it's everything that i think is funny.


Hotelier said...

yeah. agreed.

pete said...

you could learn a lot from amy.

you're very right about subtle-y going a long way.

this video was funny.

but it was not trying to be funny.

can you try to make a video that is funny that seems like it is not trying to be funny and have it be funny?

what are you going to do, nic?

pete said...

what did the grandma have to do with anything?

schoolpants said...

the grandma had NOTHING to do with anything! brilliant.

i want to try to make a funny video that seems like it's not trying to be funny.

it's tough though. i don't know what to do. i'm thinking, i want it to end with me falling down or getting hit in the balls. i want to send it to AFV.