Tuesday, March 3, 2009

memily's birdthay!

to-day is my "friend," marmily ratatat's birdthay. awhile back, i made a birdthay card for my friend, sam harkenharken. and even before that, i posted a video by my friend pete hose on his birdthay. at those times, i thought i was just following my whimsy but apparently i was setting an awful precedent. now it's marmily's birdthay and she wants something.
just kidding, she didn't ask for this. just kidding, she did. just kidding. now you don't know because of all the just kiddings.
anyway, i didn't wake up in a drawing-mood. i was in more of a collage-mood. the collage is an art form that was invented by an elementary school yearbook editor in 1987.
emily's been my friend for almost a year now. and i have a feeling that we are going to be friends for at least a few more months. maybe three. i don't know. just throwing a number out there. we met on a cruise of the mediterranean. i was doing my magic act. she was working as a cocktail waitress. after a week or so on the cruise, i guess she figured out how most of my tricks worked. because after every trick, she would scream out how it was done and yell something like "that's not magic! that's bullshit! this guy's bullshit!" and every night she'd get all the people in the audience into this huge frenzy where they'd all chant "bullshit" and throw drinks at me. it became a regular part of the act. we've been close friends ever since.
she had a thing for me for awhile. but i can't be tied down. so i was like "sorry babe, there's just too many fish in the sea. and by 'fish,' i mean 'babes.' and by 'the sea,' i mean 'babetown.'" so i introduced her to my ugly friend kienan. now they're sort of dating. but kienan's still dates other babes. he's a pretty cool dude.


Kienan said...

emily does not allow magic in the house these days. but when we dance i think it's magic. (It's a play on words)

emily said...

i wish you would stop telling people we dated. that's embarrassing.

schoolpants said...

emimly, get over it. you and kienan DID date. it's a fact. i have photographic evidence. it's nothing to be embarrassed about. he's a good dude. not much to look at, but a good dude nonetheless.

kienan, i don't know how you put up with her. she's such a spaz. and what kind of name is emimly anyway?