Wednesday, March 4, 2009

contest loser

so there was this contest for one of my favorite television programmes where they asked fans to make really arty posters for the band from the television programme. part of the joke of the show is that the band isn't so good. but in a nice way. like endearing. so i thought an appropriate poster would share the same qualities. so i made this poster. i thought it was pretty clever. i thought they'd like it. maybe they did. but it didn't win. and now i'm embarrassed. i made another poster for them that is similarly bad. i call the second one "denim on a cool autumn day."
it's embarrassing to make things that people don't like. i get embarrassed a lot. but i guess it's better this way. i wouldn't want to be one of those people who never gets embarrassed. those people are awful.


Amber said...

similarly, people who never smell bad are awful. clearly you're doing something wrong if you never stink or are embarrassed.

there's a band called white denim playing at the spaceland april 1. they are pretty fun live. they opened for BSP last year! wanna go? since i don't know how you feel about horses.

that last paragraph probably should've been sent to you privately. oh well byeeeee.

Kienan said...

I choose the second one. can you send the poster to me and i can hang it on my wall. or even the first one. or both. i'll pay you 5 quid for one, 8 for the pair.