Saturday, March 28, 2009


Here's what's wrong with me: I set my cellphone/alarmclock for 10:20am. It plays the most annoying ringtone in the world. A little button on the front of the phone allows me to shut that noise up. The catch is that the alarm goes off again 5minutes later. That little button has a name. It's snooze. I am a snoozer. I fell back asleep every 5minutes from 10:20 to 10:50 this morning. And it wasn't just the phone that was waking me up. They're still shooting some TV show next door. So I was woken by that several times as well (both before my first alarm and throughout my snoozes). And I think they might be done shooting because the chick from Reno 911 kept yelling something and then people would cheer. And then a minute or two later, they'd do it again. So, I think the house is done getting a makeover or whatever. But anyway, my problem is that the idea of going back to sleep is ALWAYS more tempting than the idea of doing anything else. I don't want to be a snoozer anymore. I want to be a M.O.A.

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