Wednesday, March 25, 2009

i hate my life

just kidding. i don't hate my life. right now.
but today, i was awoken at 1:47pm by the sounds of gas-powered generators, idling trucks, and the shouts and giggles of annoying production assistants. they're shooting something next door for the E! channel. more like the Bullshit! channel, am i right? just kidding. but not really. because, c'mon, that channel is marketed towards people who concern themselves primarily with the shit of the world, the most trivial and despicable of human beings, people like this who are famous for reasons i will never understand.
... but i enjoy talk soup. or the soup, as they now call it.
anyway, above is a collage, of what my morning felt like. though, the picture of me is from yesterday when i was woken by a fone-call from my friend patrick rule. i texted him that picture as a way of communicating exactly how inconvenienced i was by his call.


PdiddyRule said...

i can't beleive you don't know why we care about keeping up with the kardashians. it's because the one had sex with a rapper...

on a side note, there's a species on star trek known as the cardasians. here's what they look like.


they have sex with rappers but lack the common sense to tape it for profit and fame.

Dave said...

ah dude nice windows!