Tuesday, March 17, 2009

seriously, gmail?

so i don't know exactly how gmail uses its advertisements. i know it has something to do with the contents of our emails. but i don't know whether it has humans or robots searching through the contents of our emails. all i know is this: about an hour ago, i sent an email to my friend kienan and in it, i included a joke piece of advice "don't wipe your nose with the tissue you used to wipe your ass." it's a weird joke and not all that funny. just supposed to be a play on "don't shit where you eat," or whatever that old adage is.
anyway, here's where it gets weirder. an hour later, the ad at the top had something about a "self wipe toilet aid." out of sheer curiousity i clicked and this is what i found: so i don't know what's more embarrassing; that someone (or something) is reading all my emails IMMEDIATELY after i write them ... or that they think i would pay 35 dollars to not have to wipe my own ass.


Anj said...

the self-wipe toilet aid is easy to travel with!

schoolpants said...

AND it's made of sturdy plastic!

Adam S. said...

I'm sure one could find all kinds of uses for that thing in addition to wiping one's ass.