Monday, March 9, 2009

networking, yuck!

in my personal opinion, networking is for schmucks. pardon my french. this is an actual email i received from one of the institutes of higher education that i attended. the thing i don't like about colleges and universities is that they actually promote being a schmuck. they want you to get out there and schmuck it up. i say, "balls to that!"
another thing i say, "stop sending me emails that don't pertain to me. i don't live in boston."
and yet another thing i say, "proofread your stupid effing emails." i changed some of the names, so as to not offend persons or colleges, but i did not change the bad grammar. "Join us for night of facilitated speed networking ..." and "...will lead the session, as well as providing an overview ..." come on, guys. you work for a college.
but that's not important. back to networking. to me, it seems like the slimiest, most despicable thing that nice, educated people can do to one another. sincerely, that's how i feel about it. but hey, look where my anti-networking sentiment got me: i have a masters degree and work at a coffee shop.
so, balls to me.
but i've got my principles. and now i feel inspired to make a video that satirizes networking. yes sir. i woke up early today. and i have some lofty plans. yee haw.

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