Monday, March 9, 2009

i got this rad nickel at work!

i was at work and some chump paid for something with this rad 1934 buffalo nickel. so i totally swiped it. i love nickels. especially old buffalo nickels. for three reasons: 1) the indian on the front. bad ass. i'm really into profile shots of indians for some reason. i think the washington redskins logo and the chicago blackhawks logo are the two coolest logos in american sport. 2) the buffalo. buffalos are supercool. partly because they look like they should be extinct. you look at these big burly vegetarians and you think "what's keepin' them alive?" i remember one time during one of the summers in college, we went to this girl's lake cottage in northern indiana. right by her garage was this huge buffalo farm. after spending a long drunken night at her place, i went out to my car and there was a buffalo standing RIGHT by the fence. and so i stood like 2 feet from it. and we just looked at each other for awhile. there was a lot of wisdom in those big dark buffalo eyes. then he got bored of looking at me and he walked away. 3) i've always thought nickels were lucky for some reason. my first winter in boston, i always carried three nickels in my right coat pocket. one was a buffalo nickel, one was one of those nickels that commemorates lewis & clark and says "ocean in view! o! the joy!" which i always thought was a hilarious quote, and the last was one of those weird ones, where jefferson's head isn't in profile but is at like a 30-degree angle. i don't like the last one.

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