Tuesday, March 31, 2009

let's weird it up

so yesterday, kyle gass (of tenacious d fame) came into the coffee shop. i'd never seen him in there before. i never know how to handle people like him. because he's someone i've always enjoyed and admired and he's not super famous, so like, maybe he'd really appreciate me expressing my admiration for him. on the other hand, geeks like me are a dime a dozen and he probably gets weird awkward praise enough as it is. so i didn't say anything about it. but i'm pretty sure he could tell from my awkward nervousness that i was a fan.

he was great and super weird. he was wearing a tilly hat and had really long hair and pretended his hand was like throbbing while he was waiting for me to give him change. basically, he looked like the type of dude who, if you didn't know who he was, you'd probably just leave him alone.

and i was thinking about that this morning and decided i need to be more like that. because when you just act nice and quiet, people bug the hell out of you. it's awful. being a weirdo is totally the way to go.

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