Friday, March 27, 2009

when the internet sucks, everything sucks

the last couple of days, my internet has been BARELY working. mostly not working. and when it DOES work, it's SOOOOO slow. Time Warner is our cable/internet provider and they're simply lousy. they do a lousy job and they should be ashamed of themselves. they should be ashamed to admit to their children that they work for a company that does such a lousy job. they should lie awake all night worrying their children are teased at school for having a parent who does such a lousy job. they should cringe and sweat and cry at the thought of themselves on their deathbeds realizing what a wasted life they've led, doing a lousy job, for a crummy internet provider.

but it's not too late for you Time Warner. i've only described one of many possible futures. get your act together now. fix my internet. you'll sleep better at night. and you and your kids will lead better, fuller lives.

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