Saturday, September 26, 2009

for cereal

so, at the store, i found this cereal called "fruity crispy rice: naturally flavored sweetened rice cereal," which i think is a hilarious name for a cereal.
i imagine a big fancy cereal office and the marketing people go into the CEO's office and he's playing solitaire on his computer and not really paying attention to them and they ask what to call the cereal and he's focusing on his game and sort of mumbles something like "um ... fruity, uh crispy ... rice ..." and the marketing people kind of look at each other and one starts to say something and just then the CEO realizes he's just lost ANOTHER game of solitaire and he gets so pissed and blames it on these marketing jerks and yells at them to get their butts out of his office.
so they scurry back to the marketing department. and they're all afraid of the CEO, so they stick with "fruity crispy rice" but they start to wonder if that name is misleading. "well, we should tell people it's sweetened. just so they don't get the wrong idea," josh chimed in. "yeah, but we should say it's NATURALLY flavored so people don't think it's really bad for you," added carol. "i feel like we should say something about how it's a cereal and not just rice," suggested Paul, the youngest of the marketing jerks. "i think paul makes a good point," said Brandon. and so the new cereal had a new name. "fruity crispy rice: naturally flavored sweetened rice cereal."

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