Wednesday, September 16, 2009

belly button smell

my belly button kind of itched so i kind of scratched it and then my finger kind of smelled kind of terrible. my belly burton doesn't always smell terrible. i usually wash it in the shower. but today's shower wasn't very thorough (time constraints). so i asked the internet why my belly burton smelled bad and it gave me an answer from our good friend dr alan rockoff who helped my roommate adam with his toe fungus.
my favorite part is that the letter to dr rockoff started with: "hi, i have an innie belly button, and it smells real bad." i also appreciated dr rockoff referring to innies as "classy."
and it's good to know that belly burton stench isn't contagious. i'd hate to have to call up all my ex-girlfriends and tell them they need to get checked for belly button stink.

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Amber said...

that's it! dr. rockoff is our go-to doctor for all our medically relevant blog post needs starting now.