Monday, September 14, 2009

pepto bismol

sometimes, back in boston, my friend Patrick and i performed at this open mike thing. mostly it was just kids from boston college and they would play guitars and sing and some would just read poetry. but me and patrick were different. we went up there and play toy keyboards and a trombone. and sometimes patrick would just play both and i would dance. one time, we sang the pepto bismol song over and over. it was my favorite thing we ever did. the crowd didn't really like it. if you don't know the pepto bismol song, i'll tell you the lyrics. it goes:
"nausea, heartburn, indigestion. upset stomach. diarrhea."
and it's just that over and over again. it's a list of things that pepto bismol cures, i guess. i like that it ends with diarrhea. that's the grand finale. no act can follow diarrhea.
anyway, here's the only known picture of us at that open mike:
the bartender thought we were really funny. i think he liked patrick a lot more than he liked me. but i was just happy to see him happy. he was a nice bartender. molsen was very cheap at that bar. that's what i drank when i was there.


Patrick! said...

i remember how much we were hated. but yes, not by the bartender. i'm not sure he even really worked there.

schoolpants said...

they HATED us. the only times we got laughs was when you talked about rebecca sanchez. they especially hated the pepto bismol song. which doesn't make sense to me. it's comedy gold. i wish we would've done it twice as long as we did it.

we should've asked the "bartender" to join our band.