Thursday, September 24, 2009

schoolpants's day off

every once in awhile, you gotta take a day off. some people take a day off and go to their friend's house and convince their friend to take their dad's super fancy car for a spin and then they make a phony phone call to the principal to get their girlfriend out of school and then they go to a fancy restaurant and almost bump into their dad and then they go to a cubs game and lip sync to a beatles song right in the middle of a big german parade. and then they watch the stock market and go swimming in a pool and the friend sees the girlfriend naked. then the friend ruins his dad's car but he's okay with it because it's like a coming-of-age moment for him. then their sister kicks the principal in the face and a dog chews up his leg and the principal has to ride the bus back to school because his car got towed and he's humiliated.

but me, today on my day off, i just slept in as long as i could and then ate some cereal and a banana and watched an old episode of malcolm in the middle. then i went and saw a movie. now i'm gonna eat again and lay around and probably fall back asleep pretty soon.

a day off is a wonderful thing.

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