Thursday, September 17, 2009

september: be kind to writers and editors month

apparently septembro is also "be kind to writers and editors" month. that's cool because i'm both of those things. and i'm all about trying to get people to be nice to me. here's a shirt that i made that i wear frequently:
when i made that shirt, i had an idea for a kid's song written from the point of view of a kid who gets sad easily and doesn't always feel in the mood to play. i'm still going to do it. someday. there aren't any songs for sad kids (that i know of). and i don't think that's fair. there's plenty of songs for wimpy teens and adults to listen to when they're bummed out. why can't kids ever wallow in their self-pity? when i was a kid, i got sad a lot. i was confused by it and ashamed of it. because i thought kids were supposed to be happy all the time. i'd cry and my mom would ask me what was wrong and i would say i don't know, because i didn't know. and that made me feel stupid.
now i'm older and people are bummed out a lot. and they think they know why they're sad and they list all these sad things that aren't really worth being bummed out about. but really, people just need to be bummed out and listen to sad songs every once in awhile. somebody should tell kids that. sometimes you're going to feel like not really doing anything. that's okay.

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Osiokeh said...

may i have one of those shirts, please. my mother taught me that only gays refuse a lady. Youre not GAY are you?