Friday, September 11, 2009

i love zoo

yesterday i went to san diego zoo. it was great. i didn't take any pictures. but my friend brendan did. i hope he shares them with me. anyway, i saw very many animals at zoo. zoo is one of my favorite places. my friend adam came too. he really likes the smell of zoo. i'm not crazy about it. as always, the primates were my favorite part of zoo. but it's sad because they are in jail sort of. they know it. we know it. they know we know it. it's weird. but every time i go to zoo, i convince myself that i could easily live with a family of gorillas or orangutans. every time i see them, i make prolonged eye contact with one or more of the primates and we are always very casual and unassuming with each other. i really think that if i got lost out in the jungle and found a nice family of apes, i could hang out with them and earn their love. and if they killed me, i wouldn't even be mad at them. because we're in the jungle. and they have every right to.

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