Friday, June 26, 2009

blind melon

i was just lying in bed and i heard two girls talking. sometimes at night, i hear people outside. people walking home from bars or parties or whatever. i hear weird bits of conversations, sometimes people on phones, sometimes shopping-cart-people collecting alluminum, sometimes (more often than you'd think) people singing to themselves.

tonight i heard two girls talking about old music videos. one said "what was the one with the girl in the bumblebee suit?"
"i don't know," the other said, half-interested.
i shot up in bed and wanted to yell "blind melon - no rain!" but i didn't. because i don't do things like that. i don't talk to strangers. i don't even acknowledge strangers. even when i have information i know they want. i am a bad citizen in this regard.
but overhearing this bit of conversation excited me. for some strange reason, blind melon keeps popping up in my life in weird ways. especially since i moved into this apartment. i can't explain it, but there is something special happening betwixt me, blind melon, and this apartment.

the lead singer from blind melon was from indiana. i'm from there. michael jackson was from there. michael jackson and i share the same birthday. those guys are dead. i'm not, as far as i know. what do all these connections mean? probably nothing. but maybe something.

all energy flows according to the whims of the great magnet.


Kienan said...

This makes a lot of sence. Thanks!

HellHathNoFury said...

Holy craps...I know I had heard the title and name, but I never knew it was THAT song until i looked it up on Youtube like the loser I am! Haha, speaking of people walking along singing to themselves, I often sing this to myself loudly and off-key, while people look at me as if I'm crazier than I am.

schoolpants said...

i like to sing backwards, in an extremely low-pitched robot voice. when people look at me, i stop immediately. they ask me if i heard something. i shrug and shake my head.

they look away. i start again.

they look back. i stop.

they ask if i said something.

"what?" i say.

"did you say something?" they repeat.

"i said 'what'" i explain.

"before that," they insist.

"no, i just shrugged and shook my head."

then we tongue-kiss for awhile.