Thursday, June 25, 2009

madlibs are stupid!

madlibs are stupid. ... stupid awesome! beards are stupid too. when you can't grow them.


Amber said...

you can read in a moving car without throwing up?! <--jealous.

dude there are so many bodily functions in this madlib, i can't believe you're 26. and i laughed so hard at them i can't believe i'm 27. ages are for suckers.

Amber said...

oh i really should've done the arrow pointing this way: jealous -->

schoolpants said...

well, in my defense, i was only 25 when this video was shot.

i've grown up a lot since then and i laugh at words like "diarrhea" slightly less now.

Amber said...

hehe, hehehehehe!

Christopher said...

i really had tears running down my face towards the end of that.

i still laugh at the word diarrhea often