Saturday, June 27, 2009

when i was a kid

Sigur Rós - Untitled #1 (aka Vaka) from on Vimeo.

i bought this sigur rós cd/dvd when i was a kid. in 2002. in 2002, i was a kid. and i used to watch this video fairly often and just cry and cry. that was my idea of a good time.

it's funny to think about now. but at the time, it was serious. i really enjoyed it. i was a sophomore. i had long hair. people would see my long hair and ask me where to get pot. then they wouldn't believe me when i said i didn't smoke pot.

it's funny though. i wasn't an emo kid. and i wasn't a hippy. i wasn't goth. i just liked being sad. seems a bit silly now. though i still like this video. and still occassionally like to feel sad. but now i prefer pump up videos. like this one. or this one that makes me want to start a band. or this one that you maybe shouldn't watch at work if you work at a lame place that doesn't like awesome videos with naked people running around.

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