Sunday, June 7, 2009

for your consideration

dear musician-friend:
if you ever make an album called "thank you abe lincoln," you can use this tiny painting i made as your cover art. or you can put it in the booklet. if you want. don't feel like you have to use it. i'm just trying to help.

you know what? forget i said anything.

i was just, ya know, i couldn't sleep, so i thought, why not work on some cover art for a concept album you might make someday. it was really meant to be a springboard for ideas FOR YOU. it's not like I'M gonna record a concept album that's a tribute to abe lincoln. and it's not like YOU would've thought of it without my help. and it's not like you can't just put this tiny painting in the booklet. you can print lyrics over it if you want. just put it in there. i GAVE you the idea for the abe lincoln album. just put my tiny painting in there!

thanks man.

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