Friday, June 12, 2009

i get embarrassed really easily

one thing that i don't like about myself is that i get embarrassed really easily. when i was a kid, if i did anything dumb, i'd just stop talking. for what felt like days at a time.
i kind of still do that. but sometimes i'm able to laugh about the dumb thing i did. and then other people laugh too. then it's good. the dumb thing became a good thing.

but lots of times i still do dumb things and then i just don't talk for a long time.

and sometimes, i can't even tell if the dumb thing i did was actually dumb. and that's the worst. because i don't even know if i should feel embarrassed. so i just get sad and nervous. and then i feel embarrassed that i'm reacting in such a wussy manner.

and sometimes i don't give a crap about anything. those are the best times.


Amber said...

you have nothing to be embarrassed about, nic. everybody really likes you. all the time.

schoolpants said...

shut up!

schoolpants said...

i also get really embarrassed/angry when people say nice things to me.

most of the time i assume they are being sarcastic.

Amber said...

i meant it but i can call you a jerkface if you'd prefer!

i have the opposite problem where i always assume people are being nice when they are in fact being sarcastic. i am generally being really nice, though -- so you know.