Wednesday, June 3, 2009

salute your pants

when i was a boy, there was a show on television called Salute Your Pants. it was great. i watched it everyday. back then, there were only five television channels: Nickelodeon, NBC, Nick at Night, ABC, and Nick Jr. and we didn't have remote controls. we had touch pads. they were these sensors we had installed in certain spots on the floor. so if you wanted to change it to Nick @ Night, for example, you step between the couch and the coffee table. want to change back to NBC? simply step one meter right of the windowsill.
Salute Your Pants was a twice a day, hourlong tribute to pants. the co-hosts, Ugg and Donkeymouth, would lead us on a journey throughout the history of pants. not just the history of pants. but also the future of pants. i remember one episode when they predicted that by 19/08/2007, pants would look like this.

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Amber said...

you are so budnick. and i am so ZZ, collecting recyclables to raise enough money to go to the water park, but in the end she decides to spend it on a tree instead. only i would def. go to the water park.