Tuesday, June 16, 2009


today, we're examining doorknobs found in my apartment. first, i found my bedroom doorknob. it looks like this: it's a pretty standard bedroom doorknob. if you accidentally lock yourself out, you can easily pick the lock with a metal coat hanger. we used to do that a lot when we were kids. we loved it. sometimes we'd lock ourselves out of the bathroom or our bedrooms just to prove we had "the touch" and could easily pick the lock. but sometimes it was tricky.
the next doorknob i found was on the door to adam's bedroom. it looks like this: it's a modern lock with a KEYHOLE, meaning you need a special key to unlock it from the outside. why, i wonder, did a previous tenant feel the need to put such a lock on a bedroom door? it's a real mystery. i assume it was installed by someone who was extremely suspicious of his/her roommate. or maybe a drug dealer lived here and that was the room where he stashed all of his drugs and money. or maybe the guy who was in charge of installing doorknobs, accidentally bought too many of the keyhole ones and not enough of the bedroom ones.
also, we don't have a key for this one. so let's hope adam doesn't accidentally lock himself out. i don't know how to pick key locks. i could probably do it with a credit card if i were a detective. but i'm not a detective.
here's what the bathroom doorknob looks like: it's a really old-looking doorknob. it has some paint on it. it has a lock but the lock doesn't work. which is a good thing. because if it did work, i'm not sure i'd know how to pick a lock like that. maybe that's why the lock doesn't work anymore. i bet somebody accidentally locked themselves out and then had to break it to get in.
here's the closet doorknob: it's a lot like the bathroom doorknob but broken in a different way. i wonder if the drug dealer broke all these old doorknobs. drug dealers sometimes are violent. according to popular fiction.


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