Thursday, June 4, 2009


today we take a look at sinks found in my apartment. we have a total of three basins and two faucets. well, four basins and four faucets if you count the bathtub, which is pretty much just a big sink when you think about it.
but i chose not to include the bathtub in my special blogpost about sinks found in the apartment.
the first sink i found was in my kitchen. FUN FACT: the american slang phrase "everything but the kitchen sink" came from soldiers in World War II referring to intense bombardment. how frustrating would that be if you were the dude who first said that right after a crazy battle. and some of your buddies laughed. then it became like an inside joke with you guys. then some people in the mess hall ask what you guys are laughing at, so you explain, and those guys think it's funny too. pretty soon, you start to hear it everytime anyone's describing an attack. then the war ends and you go back to the states and everybody's using your phrase. you start to hear it on radio commercials. housewives are using it constantly. and you try to casually mention that, you know, you came up with that. and people don't really believe you but they humor you by saying things like "oh neato! that's really neat. bet you wish you copyrighted that, eh? har har har." but then, you're sure that behind your back they're saying things like "that's so sad. why is he trying to take credit for that? it's such a weird thing to try to claim." then you get super bummed out and people think it's because of the war. but really, it's because every time you hear the phrase "everything but the kitchen sink," a part of you dies inside.
and this is the sink in the bathroom.

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