Thursday, June 4, 2009

pocket options

i like to have plenty of pocket options.
this shirt was given to me for my birthday in 2007 by one Andrea Estelle Getty McMinn Rule. she had originally purchased the shirt for her husband Patrick "Parsnip" James Getty McMinn Rule.
"it's too small!" he protested.
it's pretty snug on me too. but you don't see me complaining. i wear it to work sometimes. whenever i bend over or stretch in any direction, i can feel that some skin is exposed. and whenever i move my arms, the material rubs my armpits in an unsavory way. but i wear the shirt anyway. because it has so many pockets. and it makes me laugh. and when i put my hands in the lower-level shirt pockets, i feel like a dentist for some reason.

do dentists where shirts like these? why do i feel like a dentist?

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