Friday, June 19, 2009

nostalgia is stupid

when i was a boy, we did not wear shirts to school. we never even thought twice about it. we'd just wake up, throw on some schoolpants, maybe some school shoes (maybe!), pack a sack-lunch and head out.
they were simpler times. no one ever locked their doors. there was no such thing as terrorists. people were just nicer.
now it seems like EVERYONE is wearing shirts to school and to work. you HAVE TO nowadays because you just can't trust anyone. it's a real shame. sure we have the internet and cell-phones and modern medicine and less racism and more information readily available to anyone and everyone. but dammit. i just miss the good old days when everyone smoked cigarettes indoors all the time, and everyone's parents physically abused them, and people died from diseases like "tuberculosis," and there were only 3 television stations, and there were soda fountains, and people were just nicer, and everyone felt safer, and we could go shirtless to school.

these damn kids today, with their nintendos and their fancy shirts ... they'll never understand.

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K K said...

did girls wear shirts?