Monday, June 15, 2009

a laugh shared with a stranger

upon further investigation of the photos i took of the man in the big truck trying to turn his truck around on a small street ... i discovered that the friendly man in the blue shirt (who helped the trucker maneuver his rig the full 360 degrees) may have seen me taking photographs.
whilst watching the trucker attempt to turn around, i thought the man in the blue shirt looked up at me. my apartment has big windows. it's like living in a fishbowl. anyway, i thought we made eye contact at one point. so when i grabbed my camera, i tried to be sneaky about taking pictures of the silly trucker. but apparently i was not, in fact, sneaky. the man in the blue shirt seems to be looking directly at me in this photo. furthermore, he appears to be smiling, as if to say, "i understand why this is funny to you. it is funny to me also. this driver is a buffoon."

if i could go back in time to when i was taking these photos, i would've given the man in the blue shirt a thumbs up. to show him i'm glad to have him on my side.

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