Monday, June 29, 2009


good news: my dear friend, Parsnip "pat trick" Rule, and i have developed a new type of technology which allows us to makes movies with each other while living on opposite sides of the continent.

this is for a contest or something. patrick filmed his part and sent it to me through satellite dishes and phone chords and outer space and a bunch of computers and then i edited it and sent it back through outer space and satellites and stuff to get it back to his computer. we have a couple of different versions of this video. all of which are awesomely, intentionally crappy.

you'll see the rest in due time. for now, enjoy this one that we sent in with an application for some contest or something.


pete said...

that is some depressing shit.

schoolpants said...

nerds can be endearing. or they can make you feel so embarrassed for them that you wish that humans had never been invented.

these two fall in the latter nerd category. or "nerdegory," as nerds refer to it.

Amber said...

uh i just watched like 10 of these videos on youtube and i'm pretty sure you're going to accidentally win this competition.