Monday, June 22, 2009

hold hands

look how uncomfortable and strange these men look standing next to each other, hands at their sides, unblinking, showing their teeth.
now imagine the same foto, but they're all holding hands.
this one small adjustment could make a subtly uncomfortable foto a hilariously awesome foto.
and thus begins my "hold hands in fotos campaign." the next time you find yourself the subject of a group foto, do the right thing: hold hands with the people on either side of you. don't draw attention to the hand-holding. just slowly grasps their hands. keep that awkward smile on your face. don't look at either person you're holding hands with. just hold their hands. and make your dumb foto worth looking at.


Amber said...

hahaha i'm in! you know what's really strange to me? that some awkward french kid has a photo of us posing back-to-back in matching t-shirts. and we'll never see that photo, and we'll never see that kid again.

Adam Shonkoff said...

Dear schoolpants,

Will you please turn the presidents photo into a hand-holding photo using photoshop?